At the Swedish Community School, we enroll children in Kindergarten from the year they turn 3 until the year they turn 5. The Kindergarten students are divided in three age groups KG 3, KG 4 and KG 5 depending on the year they are born.

Our kindergarten emphasizes the importance of play in a child’s development. The activities are well planned so that the children have both varied educational activities and time for free play. The day is scheduled with set times for assembly, activities, play and meals. Sometimes the whole Kindergarten group is together, but more often it is separated into the smaller groups so that every child’s educational level receives full attention. The Kindergarten, Preparatory and the school have a common assembly once per week.

The Kindergarten is a separate school form and its activities are regarded as education and teaching. Teaching takes place under the supervision of kindergarten teachers, and there are also support staff to promote the child’s development and learning. The children have great opportunities to play outside which we take advantage of during most of the day.

The curriculum is designed to ensure children’s individual needs and interests. Our kindergarten is enjoyable, secure, and rich in providing learning opportunities for all children attending. The children have the opportunity to learn through playing, creating and exploring – on their own, in groups and together with adults. The children are provided with good pedagogical activities which help prepare them in language and math for grade 1.

The kindergarten staff plans pedagogical activities that enable the children to create, learn and explore. This takes place, for instance, through playing, cooperating with others, painting, building and singing. Creating security for both children and parents is an important task of the kindergarten. In the second part of spring term the children who have turned five have educational activities together with Preparatory (the year before the 1st grade) and 1st grade in school, once or twice per week.