About Us

About Our School

The Swedish School was founded in 1946 and the School has more than 71 years of experience, international education in a foreign environment.

When the school started there were many development projects led by SIDA in Ethiopia, different Swedish companies and missionaries who needed a school for the children. Until about 2010, the school had a strictly Swedish profile for education, using the Swedish curriculum and language as the mode of instruction. This year, we are working to finalize the transition to an international curriculum and inclusive school.

Today the school offers Preschool, Primary and Lower Secondary and has around 200 children ranging from 3 to 15 years old. An increasing number of students are children to diaspora and other international families. Over 30 nationalities are represented in our family.

As our school completes its transition to an NGO-run school, we’ve updated our Vision and Mission to clearly state what we’re all about! The Vision and Mission below will be our guiding principles as we begin the 2019-2020 school year:


OUR VISION 2019-2020

Our School is a collaborative center of learning in Ethiopia, where each and every child becomes a confident and self-realized global citizen.


OUR MISSION 2019-2020

  • Our school will facilitate the realization of every child’s full potential.
  • Our school will work to develop resilient, curious, open-minded and reflective students who are able to express themselves fulling and effectively.
  • Our students will think critically, analyze and creatively solve problems to be adaptive in a rapidly changing world.
  • Our school will foster in the minds of our students that learning is a life-long endeavor, setting the example by the continued professional development of our teachers and staff.
  • Our school aims to produce responsible and compassionate global citizens, with respect and recognition of the rich heritage of our host country, Ethiopia.